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     This is me. (Hi!)

Michelle S. Kennedy

I am in the process of updating this page and will be adding photos and additional bio information in the near future...


Here are some interesting facts that you probably don't know about me:


1) I'm married and have one son. (He's getting ready to head to college in the fall.) We live with a handful of hermit crabs for pets. We've had them for over 11 years!

2) My first job was working at a cemetery office as a clerical assistant. I worked there part-time while I was in high school and for a few years after that. I also worked in the corporate world and was a flight attendant for a number of years too. Fast forward to today: When I'm not writing, I do interior decorating/mural painting at (shameless plug) and help with my husband's promotional products business at (another shameless plug). 

3) I have sky-dived before. From 12,000 feet, I tandem jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. (Honestly, to me, roller coaster rides are scarier!)

4) My favorite ice cream is peppermint and I LOVE dark chocolate, Jujyfruits, and Gummy Bears candy.

5) I am terrible at math. (And when I say terrible, I mean it!)


6) I ran the Disney Marathon (26.2 miles) right before my 40th birthday,


7) When I was a kid I was utterly terrified of the Oompa Loompa people from Willie Wonka's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 


8) If I could have any superpower, I would want to be fluent in multiple languages. I think being able to do that would be pretty super!


9) I love taco Tuesdays at my house and have been known to eat 6-7 tacos in a sitting.


10) My favorite Halloween costume growing up was a genie costume that my mom handmade for me out of an old curtain. 

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