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I have been blessed to be able to share my faith by writing Sunday School curriculum for children. If you are interested in purchasing them, here are the links:

Sharpen Your Sword is a 4-Week Children’s Ministry curriculum about God’s Word. This elementary-age series will teach children the fundamentals of the Bible itself, so they can experience its power in their own lives. It will equip children to read and study God’s Word with confidence.

Chosen Child is a 4-Week Children's Ministry curriculum that is designed to help children understand that they are loved and valued by God just as they are. Through lessons on repentance, inheritance, and living a life that reflects their faith, the curriculum seeks to instill in children a sense of confidence in their relationship with God and encourage them to live a life that honors Him.

(UPDATE 4/24/24: I signed with an agent!!!) I am so excited to now have representation with Mara Cobb of Martin Literary Agency for my work. We will be sending out my book proposals to editors at the publishing houses in the near future. 

Below are a handful of pitches for some of my completed picture book manuscripts. I hope you will get to see these as books on the shelves in the not too-distant future.


Stay tuned!


Picture Book- Fiction, Humor, SEL

Petunia is a spirited pig who aspires to fly— just like a bird. After many unsuccessful attempts, she starts to believe what all her barnyard friends have told her: “Pigs CAN’T fly!” But in a strange ‘twist’ of fate, destiny may prove to everyone (including Petunia) that even though pigs can’t fly, they still might be able to soar!


Concept Picture Book- Humor, Rhyming

It all begins with one bored monkey… But when one more shows up, they decide to leave the zoo and all the other monkeys follow! Come along on this madcap adventure of counting up to 10 monkeys on their quest for fun and adventure. Complete at 261 words, this lyrical concept picture book is sure to amuse and delight ages 2-5 while teaching simple counting, addition, and subtraction.


Picture Book- Fiction, SEL

When Daisha’s classmate suffers through an embarrassing “accident” in front of her peers, it reminds her of the time she was made fun of at her old school. As other kids laugh and point at Sophie, Daisha is determined not to be one of them. But figuring how to be a true friend is harder than anticipated…


Picture Book- Rhymning, Humor, SEL

Sully is the swiftest snail there ever was! But when a life-altering event causes him to lose his speed, he gains an eye-opening perspective: Maybe slowing down isn’t so bad after all?


Picture Book- Fiction, Holiday, Humor, Rhyming 

It’s nearly Christmas and all the elves should be filled with holiday cheer. Instead, two of the elves are quarreling over which one makes the best toys! To settle the matter (once and for all), they decide to enter The Throwdown—Elf Town’s reality game show competition! As they battle it out for “best toymaker” only one will emerge as the victor. May the best elf win…

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