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Image by Solen Feyissa


I have been blessed to be able to share my faith by writing Sunday School curriculum for children. If you are interested in purchasing them, here are the links:

Sharpen Your Sword is a 4-Week Children’s Ministry curriculum about God’s Word. This elementary-age series will teach children the fundamentals of the Bible itself, so they can experience its power in their own lives. It will equip children to read and study God’s Word with confidence.

Chosen Child is a 4-Week Children's Ministry curriculum that is designed to help children understand that they are loved and valued by God just as they are. Through lessons on repentance, inheritance, and living a life that reflects their faith, the curriculum seeks to instill in children a sense of confidence in their relationship with God and encourage them to live a life that honors Him.

Below are some of my completed picture book manuscripts that I'm currently querying to agents for representation. I thought I'd share my pitches here with you so you can learn about some of the manuscripts I have written.  


Stay tuned!


Picture Book

Bumblebees bustle. Bumblebees buzz. But do bumblebees POOP? They certainly do! Technically it’s called “frass” and it gets eaten by their siblings. (Eew!) Learn the inside scoop on fascinating facts about bumblebees in a captivating poo-pourri of information. 


Picture Book

Petunia is a spirited pig who aspires to fly— like a bird. After many unsuccessful attempts, her barnyard friends tell her a matter of fact: Pigs CAN’T fly! But Petunia wonders, might they still be able to soar?


Picture Book

A whimsical spider thinks he has all it takes to win the upcoming talent show. But when a last-minute treat turns into trouble, he’ll need more than talent to get himself out of his sticky situation or he’ll miss reaching the stage in time for his act! 


Concept Picture Book

Explore God-given traits from A-Z that make us uniquely special. Includes correlating Scripture verses. 


Picture Book

Wherever there’s a mic and music, Carmen can’t help herself. She LOVES singing! But when her karaoke causes chaos, she’ll need to figure out how to balance her love for singing or risk losing her karaoke machine to an unhappy household! 


Picture Book

A young girl struggles with sadness while her dad is serving abroad in the military. She reminds herself to be brave— as she figures out actionable and positive ways to cope with missing him. 


Picture Book

WHACK! Ball zooms past the fence—a home run! But after landing on the ground, he realizes he’s lost and alone. A chance meeting with Stick could turn out to be an extraordinary adventure, but only if he can trust that 'home' is wherever you have a friend...


Concept Picture Book

One bored monkey… What to do? Gather friends and leave the zoo! Come along on this madcap adventure— counting to ten and back down again with all the monkeys in tow. Teaches simple counting, addition, and subtraction. 


Picture Book

When Daisha’s classmate suffers through an embarrassing ‘accident’ in front of her peers, it reminds her of the time she was made fun of at her old school. As other kids laugh and point at Sophie, Daisha is determined not to be one of them. But figuring how to be a true friend is harder than anticipated…


Picture Book

Call the 'squat' team— Urine trouble and it's a pressing matter! It’s not easy learning to go potty. Sitting… waiting… squirming… Written for giggles and as a fun sing-aloud, this story has been adapted from the classic children's song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. 

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