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Fall Writing Frenzy Poetry Contest 2020!

Many thanks to Lydia Lukidis, Kaitlyn Sanchez and Donna Barba Higuera for hosting this year's contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

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Post Cover Image: Image 10 Courtesy of Unsplash


By Michelle S. Kennedy

I take the road less traveled.

Most times I am alone.

It leads me down a narrow path

into a great unknown.

The street is long and empty

with forest on each side

Cool mist and fog now drench my thoughts

and taint my every stride.

A branch snaps in the distance.

Hushed silence is provoked—

A squirrel wakes from his slumbered rest

since sound has been invoked.

My breath is deep and panting,

perspiration’s down my back

but in this peaceful morning I’m

surrendered to the track.

As golden leaves fall down like rain

and scatter to the ground,

I feel a sense of harmony

when looking all around.

Anticipating winter’s chill

will soon be in the air,

the effervescent scenery

departs without a care.

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