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Kailei Pew's 1st Annual Kid's Choice KidLit Writing Contest 2022!

Many thanks to Kailei Pew for hosting this creative contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

NOTE: To comment on my entry please scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom of the page and you'll see the comment section below where it says 'recent posts'. Thanks!

THEME: Any Kid-Friendly Story

Here is my entry: (Since I may choose to query this in the future, we were told not to publish our full 200 words on her blog page. (However, the entire 200 words were privately submitted to her for the kids to read in its entirety.)

(sample of): NO FELLA FOR CINDERELLA! (PB) By Michelle S. Kennedy

My name is Cinderella,

and I don’t have a fella.

I like to take long walks

(With my polka-dot umbrella.)

My friends think I should marry.

I guess I shouldn’t tarry.

They made some dates to find me mates

(But some were pretty scary!)

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