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Madness Poetry Contest 2021!

So I did a thing... Madness Poetry, for the first time. OMG, it was HARD. It was grueling. And it was a blast. I made it to the third of six rounds so I was pretty proud of myself for being a complete novice. I had no idea what I was getting myself into or the amount of crazy talent that I'd be up against.

To learn more, go to:

Here is a link to the matchups so you can read the other amazing poems from all the "Authletes":

NOTE: To comment on my entry please scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom of the page and you'll see the comment section below where it says 'recent posts'. Thanks!

Here are my entries for the 3 rounds:

Round 1: Word Given: Irreparable TUMMY TROUBLE (WC 112)

by Michelle S. Kennedy

I swallowed a bug ‘cuz I thought it’d be fun…

I meant him no harm, but the damage is done.

What was I thinking?! A bug in my tummy?

My guts are all twisted and now I feel crummy!

A stomach’s no place for a lone bug to roam,

but maybe he’s making himself right at home?

Or maybe he’s not— BUUURP! I might be mistaken…

He’s not mixing well with Ma's biscuits and bacon!

And now I feel strange— like I might need some TUMS.

Gurgle-Slosh-Slosh… Oh NO! Here he COMES…


Hey, look over there at that spot on my lawn!

No irreparable harm— and PHEW! The bug’s gone.

Round 2: Word Given: Carousing

Thud! Thud! THUD! IN THE CELLAR! (WC 188)

by Michelle S. Kennedy

I’m chillin’ in my bedroom

As I count my candy heap—

when suddenly, I hear a “THUD!”

I dare not make a peep...

The “THUD” is getting louder still,

I’m moving in slow motion...

What I really need right now

is courage in a potion!

I grab a bat, trip on my cat

and tumble down the stairs!

Halloween carousing

has just caught me unawares!

I slowly flick the light switch on

and then I laugh out loud.

“SURPRISE!” they giggle with delight.

I stand amongst a crowd.

“Happy Halloween!” they shriek.

And “Happy Birthday too!”

“We couldn’t let you sleep

without a scary rendezvous!”

Round 3: Word Given: Covet


by Michelle S. Kennedy

Dear God, here’s my single prayer—

please listen if you will. I’ve been up since 3 A.M. ‘cuz Madness! is a thrill. You’ve told me not to covet things but this is an exception. I wouldn’t have to envy if— I had your interception!

I’ve not been blessed with punny thoughts.

My wit is now evasive.

All I have is this poor plea—

I hope to be persuasive!

I’ve racked my brain for whimsical.

I’d like to be amusing.

But I fall short of laugh-out-loud

and I’m afraid of losing!

Who knew that I’d be such a wreck

and brimming with emotion?!

A sleepless night, but what the heck…

I want Round 4 promotion!

Please bless me all my many hours.

And help me do my best

to muster up my superpowers

and pass this taxing test!

God, grant me words and help me rhyme. Don’t make me stipulate! Just give me favor for this stage. I won’t capitulate. So, Whaddya say? Collaboration?! I’ll praise you for this win… A Madness! novice allocation?! I'm anxious to begin!

Love, Underdog —Amen. Dear Underdog, I’ve heard your prayer but there’s a complication... I can’t make them vote for you.

Good luck with your creation!

Love, God

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