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Susanna Leonard Hill's 10th Annual Halloweensie Poetry Contest 2020!

Many thanks to Susanna Leonard Hill for hosting this creative contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

NOTE: To comment on my entry please scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom of the page and you'll see the comment section below where it says 'recent posts'. Thanks!

MUST USE THE FOLLOWING WORDS (or a variation of each): Skeleton, Creep, Mask

Here is my entry:


By Michelle S. Kennedy

Skelly from Skellington

dines on Beef Wellington,

only on Halloween night.

Covered in gelatin,

masking his skeleton,

Skelly cooks up his delight.

Buried bones hibernate.

Smells make them activate.

All rising up, taking flight.

Others might gawk at him,

tear him from limb to limb,

stealing his food just for spite.

Creepers haunt ghoulishly.

Skelly is coolishly

sneaking to stay out of sight.

Hiding clandestinely

lets him digest, you see—

really, he’d rather not fight.

Skelly from Skellington

eats his Beef Wellington

savoring every last bite.

Appetite pacified.

Totally satisfied.

No room for dessert… but he might!

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