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Susanna Leonard Hill's 4th Annual Valentiny Poetry Contest 2019!

Many thanks to Susanna Leonard Hill for hosting this creative contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

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THEME: Someone who feels guilty

Here is my entry:


By Michelle S. Kennedy

Penny Sue had a crush

that made her heart flutter.

Each time she saw Jake,

she’d stammer and stutter.

She wanted to tell him,

but speaking was hard.

“I’ve got it!” she thought.

“A Valentine’s Card!”

She grabbed pen and paper,

drew a big heart,

gluing globs full of glitter

on top of her art.

The big day arrived-

It was Valentine’s Day.

Penny Sue was all smiles,

bright-eyed and gay.

She walked up to Jake

and gave him her card.

His face became flushed.

She’d caught him off-guard!

Turning and running,

he went out of site.

Penny Sue was confused.

“Something’s not right!”

“What did I do?

I scared him away!”

Then sadly she frowned,

feeling shattered and grey.

Next time she saw Jake

it wasn’t the same.

Instead of heart tingles,

she felt only shame.

Another day passed.

A day turned to four.

Penny Sue then decided

she’d like Jake no more!

She crossed off his name

from her book and her folder.

Next time she’d see Jake,

she’d give a cold shoulder!

One day at lunch

Jake sat by her seat.

He passed her a note

and a dark chocolate treat.

“Do you like me still?”

She quietly read.

“Guilty as charged!”

She laughingly said.

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