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Susanna Leonard Hill's 6th Annual Valentiny Poetry Contest 2021!

Many thanks to Susanna Leonard Hill for hosting this creative contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

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THEME: Bravery Story

Here is my entry:


By: Michelle S. Kennedy

Once there was a little seed

who’d wake each day with hope.

“Is today my day to bud?”

But sadly, it was— NOPE.

“How is it, that I do not grow?

I just don’t understand.”

And so, she sat there on the ground.

“This isn’t what I planned.”

A tree was hearing her complain.

“Hey Seed, your dream’s in vain!

To grow, you must go IN the earth,

and mix with dirt and rain.”

Little Seed exclaimed with “Ughs!”

“I’m scared of dark and bugs!

Of grime and slime, and most of all,

of WORMS and GERMS and SLUGS!”

Tree answered back and kindly said:

“I know you’re feeling dread.

But if you want to grow my dear,

Go underground instead!”

Little Seed had dreams to bloom.

And so, she dug her tomb.

She braved the dirt but stayed alert,

to keep from bugs and doom.

“Valentine’s is weeks away.

Goodbye, Tree! See you soon.

If I grow up a flower stem

you’ll see me sway and swoon!”

Days went by and rained poured down,

and seeped within the dirt.

Slowly, Little Seed came up—

a teeny, tiny spurt.

“Welcome back!” Tree said to her.

I knew you’d find your way!

How special that you chose to sprout

on Valentine’s today.”

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