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Susanna Leonard Hill's 9th Annual Holiday Contest 2019!

Many thanks to Susanna Leonard Hill for hosting this creative contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

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THEME: A Holiday Treat

Here is my entry:


By: Michelle S. Kennedy

Chiumbo and Ahma live where it’s warm.

The heat and sun are their wintery norm.

No coat required- Their skin’s nice and tanned.

Instead of white snow, they have gritty-brown sand.

“I want a blizzard!” Chiumbo cried out.

Then his toe kicked the beach. His lips made a pout.

“I’m going to write Santa. Maybe he’ll help.”

He spoke this to Ahma, who twisted some kelp.

“What? That’s so silly. He can’t make it snow!”

said Ahma now laughing, but curious, so…

She got up to follow Chiumbo right then.

To help with the letter, she grabbed her best pen.

Together, they wrote, while drinking their Fanta-

A carefully crafted letter to Santa.

They made their request. They said they’d been good.

Would he make it snow? They hoped that he could.

They mail out their letter and eagerly wait.

A tropical Christmas is looking their fate.

“It’s sweltering hot. I’m dripping in sweat!”

Chiumbo looked up with saddened regret.

“I shouldn’t have asked for a snowstorm this year.

Santa’s not God and he’s no engineer.”

But soon as he spoke, Chiumbo felt chilled.

His heart skipped a beat, all suddenly thrilled.

“Merry Christmas!” He heard Santa shout with delight.

“You asked for a blizzard! Now prepare for snow white!”

Snow fell in the tropics on that Christmas day.

A wondrous treat from Santa’s big sleigh.

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