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Spring Fling Kid-Lit Poetry Contest 2023!

Many thanks to Ciara O'Neil and Kaitlyn Sanchez and this year's guest judge, Ashley Franklin, for hosting this year's contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

To learn more about it, click here:

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Spring Fling KidLit Contest 2023

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Here is my entry:


by Michelle S. Kennedy

Henry Hedgehog needs some HELP!

but he’s too proud to make a yelp.

He wants to make a grand bouquet

to give his mom on Mother’s Day.

Collecting flowers should be fun…

He’s tried so hard but gathers NONE.

A rosebush thorn caught in his thumb.

Another one has pierced his bum!

Forget Me Nots just make him wheeze.

The Hollyhocks all make him sneeze.

The Dandelions wilt too fast.

Carnations are supposed to last—

until poor Henry has a fall…

He trips. They fly. A free-for-all!

And so, poor Henry with a shrug,

instead gives Mom a great big hug.

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