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Spring Fling Kid-Lit Poetry Contest 2024!

Many thanks to Ciara O'Neil and Kaitlyn Sanchez and this year's guest judge, Kim-Hoa Ung, for hosting this year's contest and to all the fabulous prize donators!

To learn more about it, click here:

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Spring Fling KidLit Contest 2024

Here is my entry:


By Michelle S. Kennedy


Wake with sunrise…

Roosters crow.

Seasons change—

Goodbye to snow!

Dewdrops glisten,

coat the lawn.

Mama doe

has birthed a fawn.

Colors blooming,

on the ground.

Buzzing bees

are all around.

Birds are chirping—


I think that is

a Chickadee!


There’s the rain…

Knocking on

our windowpane.

When it stops, we

go outside,

grab our bikes,

and take a ride.

To the park in

record time!

Find a tree…

and UP! We climb.

Playground’s wet but

we don’t care;

slosh our feet,

Ker-SPLASH! with flair.

Rock wall… Sand box…

Monkey bars…

Look at all my

brand new scars!

Tetherball and

hopscotch too.

Oops! I almost

lost a shoe.

Next, the swing set

Then the slide.

Count to ten—

Now run and hide.

Tuckered out from

all this play.

Pedal home.

We’ve had a day!

March wind blows

We’re back inside.

Soup for dinner—

open wide!

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